Friday, December 28, 2012

Color Fireman Sam!

My little boy has ZERO interest in coloring or writing or pretty much anything his sisters excelled at when they were four.  Even getting him to hold a crayon is a triumph some days.  He wants to drive his trucks and line up trains.  I've been working hard to get him to at least scribble a little before he heads off to kindergarten.  I often ask if he wants to draw or color and he usually says no.  This morning he asked to watch Fireman Sam and I got the bright idea to ask if he wanted to color a picture of Sam while he watched.  Today he said YES!  I immediately looked printables on line.  I found two sites full of great coloring pages.  I'll share them here for other Fireman Sam fans, and so I can quickly find them again for my own little guy!

Happy Coloring!

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