Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"The Best Book I've EVER Seen!" Apparently, Mr. A Likes Pirates.

My girls are readers.  From day one both of them would happily drop whatever they were doing to sit with me and read a book.  Since I'm a teacher and complete book fiend myself, I have was always been in heaven when they brought me a favorite book and asked me to read.

Mr. A was different.  Oh, he'll snuggle up for a bedtime story, but generally he's pretty uninterested in reading.  I'll invite him to pick out a book and he'll say "Oh, no thanks" and run off to play with his trucks.  Sometimes he'll choose a book about tractorsJohn Deere: Big Book of Tractors but only want to quickly flip through the pages, touching all the pictures, and then he'll run away again.  I know boy's brains are different.  Boys are less language based and more action driven than girls.  Yeah, yeah, everyone knows that.  I can't help but be a little disappointed when he refuses even a silly Sandra Boynton book.  It's the active boy stereotype come to life. 

I have seen some positive changes recently.  He's started pulling his books out and looking at them when he's supposed to be napping.  Last week he handed me this bookHow I Became a Pirate and, in his sweet little sing song voice asked "Will you read this to me?"  Of course we stopped right there and read it.  He asked me to read it again.  And again.  I asked him if he liked the book and he yelled "IT'S THE BEST BOOK I'VE EVER SEEN!!!"  I was completely thrilled!  I mean, there have been books he's requested night after night (Snuggle BunniesLlama Llama Mad at Mama), but he's never been completely, jumping up and down excited over one before.  He's dropped whatever he's doing every day since when I suggest reading about pirates.

Because the girls will be at Vacation Bible School this week, Mr. A and I get to do things that revolve around him.  It seems like the perfect time to boost reading and coloring skills.

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We'll start by reading his pirate book, and I found a cute little counting rhyme about pirates. (He's going to love it!)  Then, I found a P is for Pirate coloring page.  Mr. A has also differed from his sisters in the coloring/drawing department.  At this age they were both drawing complete figures and coloring rather than scribbling.  Not my boy.  Frankly, I was thrilled that he picked up some markers and scribbled a little bit on a Father's Day card.  It's obvious he needs some encouragement on that front, too, so I printed another coloring page and with any luck I'll get more than a few scribbles on them both.
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If you have a little pirate fan, we also recommend these books.

Roger, the Jolly Pirate
Tough Boris

And of course,  DLTK-kids  had pages of pirate themed activites for all ages.
And I have to include Disney's Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  There are fun games about them here.

Yo Ho Let's Go!

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  1. Loud silly pirate music,helps to motivate the coloring. My oldest would rather throw the crayons then color with them,but singing at the tops of our voices while coloring helps keep an active boy focesd. I also made sure all artists
    signed there names. We would shout the theletters and do a silly dance,that promoted the writing thing.also since having something special like an eye patch(for pirates) that he only wears when your reading, WORKS WONDERS. ours was a bandana he wore on his head like a pirate, I carried that and a book in my purse,for Dr's visits ect. It works ,I read to my over active crayon thower until he was 15,long after he could read to himself ,because it was our time together.