Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday: A New Beginning

Every Monday brings a new chance to have a great week.  That was a friend's Facebook status this morning and I liked it, so I'm using it to get me motivated this morning.  As I've written about many times before, I'm still not doing 100% of the things I plan every day.  Some days I do really well, but more often than I'd like I have many good intentions but fewer actions.  This week, I'm trying out a new mantra:  Work First, Play More.  I've figured out that it should only take me two hours or less to finish all my "work plans", and that should leave more than enough time for "FUN plans" but I just haven't been disciplining myself enough to do the work first.  I'm really good at just hanging out, but I'd like to do better when it comes to actively doing the things I like or find important.  I spent the weekend making a mental list of the things I'd like to do for fun, whether just for myself or with the kids or with the spouse.  I'm going to work on fleshing that list out today, and will choose something to reward myself with if I successfully complete all of a day's plans.  Wish me luck!

Oh - the Week At A Glance page is updated with meal and FUN plans.  Last week's experiment with Kraft's 1 Bag, 5 Dinner's plan was less than fabulous.  I was right - some of the recipes were a bit funky.  I'm giving it one more chance though.  This week we'll be using their Healthy Living Bag 3  Everything looks pretty straight forward (and less funky) so hopefully we'll be happier with our meals this week. 

Our FUN plans mostly involve playing outside as much as possible.  The weather forecast looks fabulous so we'll take advantage of it.

Have a great Monday!

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