Monday, November 8, 2010

Snow and Rain Won't Keep Us Out of the Sandbox!

Confession time - I've gotten a little mentally tired of writing every day.  I decided that meant I should take a little break, so I did!  I'm aiming to get back to regular posts and an update of the week at a glance page, but for now I'm just going to do a quick update of today's fun.  It's a rainy/snowy day, but Mr. A's current favorite words are "DIRT!" and "TRUCK!" which he says with great gusto when he wants to go out to the sandbox.  Since that isn't practical today I decided to break out a great substitute - Moon Sand!  I haven't let Mr. A play with it before because he's still so little and rambunctious I knew it would end up all over my house.  However, I knew he was getting to the point that he'd really feel the loss if he couldn't go play in the sandbox with his trucks and the moon sand would be a great distraction.  You can see he made himself right at home and found a truck just the right size for the Moon Sand Box.  (Miss M also had fun molding stars and creatures!)
Just because the weather stinks we shouldn't have to quit filling dump trucks with sand!


  1. Such a cute idea! I love finding new ways to entertain little ones inside when the weather doesn't cooperate.

  2. Thanks Amanda! My sister improved on this idea - she suggested bringing in the wading pool left over from summer so they can spread out a little and contain the sand better. It worked perfectly!