Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What was I thinking?

I looked at my Week at a Glance calendar today and wondered what I was thinking.  I'm trying to stay close to home so Mr. A can work on his potty skills, so I'm not sure why I planned a trip to the park.  That's going to become FUN outside but at home, because frankly, we have everything a park has in our own back yard.  I think we'll start with our Little Tykes cars.  We have a Cozy Coupe for Miss M and a fire truck for Mr. A.  They love to "race" them down the sloped driveway in our back yard, even though Mr. A is still figuring out how to really make his go.  I also have some work to do in the garden to get it ready for winter.  I need to pull out the old, frozen plants and basically clean it all up.  Miss M should especially enjoy helping with that.  She loves that sort of thing.  So, we aren't going to the park, but we are going to enjoy this gorgeous fall day!

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