Friday, August 5, 2011

The Kids are Tired

Ready to go shopping!
Apparently, we've been having too much fun.  Last night Miss E asked if we can do nothing today.  I think she was worn out from the excitement of shopping with her friend yesterday, and then getting used to her new bike.  I can see why she'd be tired.  You've never heard such giggling and general silliness than two little girls trying on Twinkle Toes and honking bike horns.  Then of course they had to ride the new bike up and down the street a thousand times.  By the time her friend went home, Miss E was beat.  She took a long, late afternoon nap and still went to sleep as soon as her head hit the pillow at bedtime.  It seems to me this would be a good day to let everyone relax a bit.  So, today's fun plan is to hang loose and enjoy having no plans.
Showing off on her new bike.
Miss E's own flower pot.

 And, as promised earlier in the week, here are some pictures of the craft we made on Monday.  The girls painted these flower pots last summer and had a great time choosing flowers to plant in them again this summer.  Now they love having their own accessories to compliment the plants since they are almost finished blooming for the season. 

Miss M's own flower pot.

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