Monday, August 1, 2011

Three Weeks Till Back to School?!?! GULP!

August 1st.  Wow.  It's official, summer break is almost over.  Well, I'm glad I've already made the decision to take a break from all the scheduled activities we hustled to last month.  It feels good to have some wide open free time before the girls start school.

Spotting Dragonflies.
Last week I made a list of activities we either haven't done yet or haven't done very often this summer.  On Thursday we took a nice walk down a trail, taking our dogs to a little pond where they can swim and the kids got to admire the hundreds of dragonflies dancing over the water.  Then on Friday we had an all day play date with a little friend.  We spent the weekend being as lazy as possible.  Now, we're ready to get this week rolling!

Make patriotic yard art!
Because the girls each have one last tumbling class this afternoon, I thought today would be a good day to do something lower energy this morning.  I think we should use up some craft supplies left over from July.  I bought this stuff to make flower pot decorations with my nieces and nephews while we were together over Independence Day.  The kids were all having so much fun together though that I decided it was better to let them run around playing their games instead of sitting down to craft.  When we returned home my girls remembered we didn't use the supplies, and have been asking when we can finally make flower pot decorations, so I decided this is a good day to do just that.  (Miss M has been dying to use the glitter spray.  I know I'm going to have to hide that can well when we're finished or she'll glitter everything she owns with it.)  It shouldn't take them long to paint their little stars.  Then, once the paint is dry we will glue them to the sticks.  By the time we return from tumbling this afternoon they should be ready to spruce up our flower pots.  I'll post a picture when we're finished!

Star Yard Art Craft

  • wooden stars, assorted sizes
  • wooden dowels, assorted diameters
  • wood glue
  • craft paint (Young kids sometimes have trouble making decisions if they have too many choices.  This is very true for Miss M.  If I want her to finish a project, I help her focus by limiting her choices.  Even though we have a box full of paint, I'm only making red, white and blue available for this project.  She won't know the difference, and can mix these choices if she really has something else in mind, but she won't spend the day trying to choose between three shades of pink.)
  • spray glitter
  • spray laquer (not pictured)
  • paint shirts - this paint is not washable!
  • Divide stars & paint among kids.  Kids paint stars as they wish.  Let dry.
  • Spray stars with glitter.  Let dry.
  • Spray with laquer if art will be exposed to elements.  Let dry.
  • Arrange stars as you would like them to be on the dowels.
  • Turn stars face down, glue to dowels.  Leave 2-4 inches at the bottom to press into soil.  Let dry.
  • Spray with laquer again if desired.  Let dry.
  • Push dowels into flower pots, flower beds, walk ways, etc...  
Oh yeah - My meal plans are updated on Week at a Glance!

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