Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Routine Ready - DENIED!

Miss M started kindergarten yesterday.  I have been sad about her being so big, but really looking forward to settling in to a morning routing with just me and Mr. A.  I had big plans for taking him out for a walk with the dogs, then spending a little time just hanging out with him, maybe reading or doing puzzles or playing in the yard.  Then Miss E woke up with a stomach ache.  After breakfast it was apparent she wasn't in any shape to go to school.  That meant a change in plans for Miss M's first day on the school bus, and spending time out and about with the boy and the dogs. 

Thankfully, we have the cutest little neighbor girls.  They were literally fighting over who got to hold Miss M's hand and help learn about the bus.  She was the star of their show this morning and she totally loved it! 
Miss M and the cutie pie neighbors.  Notice they're holding her hands?  I love them!

As for me, Miss E, and Mr. A, we're more or less sticking with the plan.  Instead of walking w/ the dogs I'm on the treadmill, but otherwise we'll still do some fun stuff.  I'm going to make Miss E rest before lunch, which allows Mr. A and I a chance to play in the yard.  He loves swinging and the sand box so I think they'll both be in our future.  Then we'll do a little school time.  I'll print some handwriting pages and multiplication tables for Miss E, and Mr. A and I can build something cool with his blocks.  (Yes, I think of this as an appropriate preschool academic activity.  Blocks are very educational and a fun way to help kids develop focus, small motor skills, planning abilities and creativity.  I'm a big, big fan of blocks both as a teacher and a mother.)

Here's to a happy Wednesday!

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