Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Refining Grocery Shopping

In the last six months or so I've been a little obsessed with how quickly we can complete our grocery shopping.  I've spent a few more minutes organizing my shopping list, and I challenge the kids to guess how long it will take from the time we enter the store till the time we exit.  For some reason just asking them how fast they think we can finish makes it so much easier to zoom through the store without stopping to look at every little thing.

We have to hit the store today, and have a pretty big list.  I'm guessing it will take us about an hour but I'm really hoping it will be much less. I'm organizing my list and coupons right now, and I'd love shop and return home before lunch.  The faster we get this out of the way, the better!

I've written about shopping with a Pocket Mod before (here and here).  Today I customized the shopping list Pocket Mod I made last month a bit more.  I used my scrap booking software to add headings organized by section of the store I shop most often.  I figured the headings would make organizing my list that much faster.

I think you can click this image then drag it to your desktop so you can print it for yourself.  Visit Pocket Mod to make your own and for folding instructions.
I am really in love with these little booklets.  They honestly do help me speed through the store, and since I've started using them I haven't overlooked a single item on my list or just decided to buy something on the next trip because I don't want to go back to a section of the store I've already left. 

Later today we have friends coming for a play date and dinner.  We're all very excited!  It should be lots of fun!

*I receive no compensation for continuously writing about Pocket Mods.  I just think they're awesome and have had lots of fun with them.

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