Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hit the Ground Running

I'm back!  After four days at my mom's house celebrating her birthday and Independence Day it feels so good to be home.  It feels even better to get back into our routine.  We miraculously woke at our regular time and, thanks to having my day preplanned, we're already back in our groove. 

The girls begin a new session of tumbling this afternoon and we have to run assorted errands today in addition to grocery shopping.  After using a list created on Food on the Table, I am in love with shopping lists organized by store section.  I've done this from time to time myself but I usually just kind of group like items together and then backtrack around the store if I miss something.  Even though I didn't use Food on the Table for my meal plan this week, I still wanted a truly organized list.  I remembered a neat little printable organizer I blogged about last fall.  Pocket Mod seemed like the perfect little tool to help organize my trip to the store.  I simply built one using only the shopping list template and now I have eight separate sections, which ought to be enough to get me through the store.  Each part of the store gets a section on my Pocket Mod and I have a neat little booklet to carry.  It should make shopping a breeze!
Click to see my Pocket Mod full size.  Drag it to your own desktop for a printable jpg.  Visit Pocket Mod for folding instructions.

 Meal plans for the remainder of this week are ready in the Week at a Glance tab above.

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