Monday, May 23, 2011

Let's Go! Go! Go!

All my kids like playing Diego games here.
Mr. A is a big Go Diego, Go! fan.  He has a Diego leapster game he's been "playing" every night (he doesn't really understand how to play yet, but he likes to turn it on and listen to it as he goes to sleep).  When I turn on his monitor I hear "Let's GO! GO! GO!" over and over again.  With that running through my brain, it seems like a good theme for today.  The sun is breaking through last night's rain clouds, the birds are chirping and I'm raring to GO!  GO!  GO!  I have loads of plans for today, so here goes!
  • Take the kids (Miss M is finished with preschool, so she'll be with us every morning again) and a dog for a nice walk.
  • Finish pruning the grasses and shrubs in front yard.
  • Plant more garden!  I started putting my seedlings out on Saturday and can't wait to get the rest in so I enjoy watching everything grow! Miss M really loves to help with the planting, so this is a good chance to do something fun with her, too.
  • Help Miss M clean her room.  The girls share a room, but they can't clean it together without making me insane with their bickering.  I have Miss E clean up her things and put Miss M's in a box, then I help Miss M put her things away.  She has a HUGE box full of things from last week, so that will be quite a job.  
  • Read with an alphabet book with Mr. A.  I've been trying to read an alphabet book every day because they are useful for more than just teaching letters.  They always have good pictures of single items so I also say the name of the item and have Mr. A repeat the it.   Mr. A is a little speech delayed, and I think it's good for him to look at the simple pictures and practice saying the words with me.   I've only been doing it a short time and I've already noticed a big improvement in his pronunciation and speech frequency.  With two big sisters he doesn't get a lot of room to talk, so I think it's good to give him specific practice time where he can build confidence. 
And of course, I have all my Morning Basics and Daily Basics, along with this week's meal plan so I'd better get going!  Here's to a fabulous Monday!

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