Saturday, May 7, 2011

No Blogging for Me!

I have had a busy week!  I haven't sat down to write about it, but I've pretty much done everything else under the sun.  I've actually done ALL my morning basic and daily chores - a first since I started this whole endeavor last fall.  I made (or bought) and mailed Mother's Day gifts.  I accompanied kids to tumbling and soccer and spent a gorgeous afternoon at a park with friends.  I did a little yard work and tried a new recipe.  AND, I went on a date with the spouse.  Yes, I'm pretty pleased with all I've done this week.  I would have liked to blog about it all, but I knew if I spent any more time on line than I had allotted I would never log off.  I have a few things from the week I'd still like to share so hopefully I'll be disciplined enough to sit down, write and leave.  I have another fabulous day mapped out so I'm closing the mac book and heading out to conquer the world!

A  few highlights from our week.

Teaching Mr. A to roll down a grassy hill.

Hanging out in the sun.


Backyard Beach Party

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