Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Silly Shoes, Spring Music and Grocery Shopping

Miss E's school year is coming to a rapid end and her teacher is making this last week fun.  Yesterday they had crazy hair day.
Today is Crazy Shoe day.
Today is also her music class program, so we'll all be heading off to the school soon to watch her sing.  When that's over, it will be time to gather groceries.  I finally made myself just sit down and plan some meals so I can maximize my trip to the store.  I hate it when I have to make two trips because I didn't have my act together the first time.   

Our fun for the day will be a trip to a nursery for some garden extras.  We all LOVE browsing at the nursery, which is mostly what we'll be doing because I started a lot of what we'll grow back in March, so we won't need many seedlings.  I'm sure we'll find at least a few things we must bring home though.  Last year the kids painted their own large pots, and they'll love choosing some flowers for them today.  We're also looking forward to buying a little tub of ladybugs.  In addition to being good pest control, ladybugs are a riot when you open their lid and hundreds of them skitter out.  They tickle cheeks and arms and are generally the most entertainment $10 will buy this spring.

Have a Happy Wednesday!

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