Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vent over. Today's Real Plan Is...

     Alright, I got my whine on and now I'm ready to buckle down and get this day started.  We have a lot to do around the house today because we spent most of the day yesterday playing, in one way or another.  That means I'm playing catch up for a while.  Then I absolutely MUST spend some time with our dogs.  The poor things follow us around absolutely begging for more than an absent minded pat.  They also continue to shed mind blowing amounts of winter fur.  I've already spent a couple hours this spring brushing out mountains of undercoat and yet our beautiful border collies continue to look like pitiful strays.  They also need some real play time.  The dogs are big and rambunctious enough that the kids can't really play with them by themselves yet.  They need me to supervise and make the dogs listen at the very least.  So, I believe our morning will bring our house back in line and our afternoon will go to the dogs. 
Rex and Ginny enjoying the morning.
If you're interested, this is a good article about the benefits of a family dog.

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  1. Those dogs are so beautiful! We used to have a tri-color Collie growing up and he was the most handsome thing, but we could brush him for hours!