Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Meal Plan & Sword Fighting!

It's a 100% GORGEOUS morning at my house, so this post is going to be very short and sweet!  First, I actually completed a meal plan for the week!  Yay me!  Second, Miss E really wants to have a Wii tournament today, but I told her we have to get a huge list of things to finish first.  I'm going to start with the yard work, hoping I can finish it before the wind picks up.  (I swear the ten o'clock hour flips the switch on a giant wind machine.  I'm sure we haven't had a truly calm day in all my 19 years in this town.)  Then I'll move indoors where the kids and I will hopefully whip everything into shape in no time at all.  Miss E is so excited to teach me how to sword fight I'm sure I'll have at least one great helper! 

So, those are my plans for today!  Here's to a beautiful, productive day!

10:15 AM update

I had a request for my cousin Dahlene's Pink Salad recipe, so here it is!

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