Friday, June 17, 2011

Fun Father's Day Secrets (And Lots of Fun Crafting Ideas!)

Today is the day we're working on Father's Day projects!  The kids are all very excited because they love crafting in general, and they especially love making presents for their daddy.  Of course, my spouse reads this blog so I won't be posting exactly what we're doing for him, but I found so many great ideas around the web that I thought it would be fun to post a few of them here.

I'll start with a project I loved from Shutterfly's community blog.  It's just a simple paper weight, but I believe all kids love play dough and rocks so it's kind of a perfect craft!  The link above will take you to the Shutterfly blog, which is chock full of fun ideas.  However, I want to specifically point you to the writer's own craft blog for the instructions. I love her projects and would like to give her some blogger love.  So, go check out Crafts By Amanda.  You'll find the recipe for the dough, instructions for baking it rock hard and lots of other fun stuff I'm sure. 

Amazing Moms has a fun idea for personalizing everything Dad needs for a great Father's Day BBQ.  I don't know about yours, but my spouse doesn't wear an apron when he grills.  The hot pads would be handy though, and everything is cute enough that even if he didn't use them they would be nice keepsakes.  Follow the link for these instructions, and explore the site for many more fun plans!

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A pop up story book about Dad is such a great idea I really wish I'd found it sooner.  I immediately got some great ideas for stories I could help the kids write and the things we could do to illustrate it.  Sadly, everything I thought of would take multiple work sessions and possibly the collection of photos/materials that I couldn't possibly come up with before Father's Day.  I am definitely keeping it in mind though.  This one could even be a fun Christmas present.  e-How has easy instructions here.  Or, click the photo credit link under the picture for a site full of great bookmaking tutorials.

Finally, since my spouse is a contractor and many of his hobbies involve building things, I really love this idea for monogrammed tools.  I wouldn't expect him to actually use these tools - he has his favorite, professional grade hammers and such that he never deviates from - but these could be a cute reminder of his little helpers every time he opened his tool box.  I'm even thinking up fun ways these could be mounted or framed for display in his shop.  Again, this idea could also be a fun gift for other occasions. 

I think these are my favorite projects, but there are so, so many out there it's impossible to not find something perfect for your family.  All of the sites I linked to above had tons of other ideas so check them out, and have fun showing Dad some love this weekend!

(I'd love to see what you all did for the special guys in your lives!  If you'd like to link to your own blogs or favorite ideas in the comments, please do!  I love comments!)

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