Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stay At Home Mom Plans Gets a Facelift

If you've been to this blog before today, you can see I've made some major changes.  The one that makes me happiest is the addition of follow buttons in the upper right of the blog.  I have to give a huge THANK YOU!!! to Dan Pearce from Will Work 4 Followers (also known as Single Dad Laughing).  He provided the basic template and instructions for installing them.  This glorious service allowed me to clean up the right side of my blog, which had been driving me crazy. These little buttons make me very smiley inside.  Thanks again Dan!

I moved the links that used to be listed on the main page to their own little page so I can add more as we find new ones.  You'll find their new page labeled Links We Love at the top of the blog.

I also updated the About Me description at the bottom of the page.  It's now labeled "Who Am I?" and it's a little more relevant to this blog.

Finally, I made a major change to the overall look of the blog.  I changed the layout and background and all of the colors.

What do you think?  Love it?  Hate it?  I welcome your comments.


  1. I think the new layout looks great!

  2. Thanks Amanda! I'm still tweaking things a bit, but I'm liking the change.