Friday, June 24, 2011

Phew! It's Been a Long Week but It's Going to be an Awesome Weekend!

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Between swimming lessons, errands and vacation bible school, we feel like we've been running non-stop all week.  It's a relief to have a three day break from swimming lessons.  I think we'll take it easy this morning and just putter around the house and yard.  In fact, I think I see an at home car wash in our future.  The kids all love washing my truck,  but it totally makes Mr. A's day when he gets his own little scrub brush and can go from one end to the other, cleaning and examining the whole truck.  I think after sitting in his stroller every morning while the girls swim, he deserves to do something he loves.

This afternoon we're going to the last day of vacation bible school, which will include a parent program and ice cream party.  Then, we'll have no shortage of fun activities for the weekend.  Our city is hosting a huge independent music festival which includes a small art festival and all sorts of fun activities.  We'll spend some time there, and of course the movie we've been looking forward to all year
opens today!!!  Yay!  It's getting very unPixar-like rotten reviews, but even if the movie stinks, Mr. A is going to go so nuts over it the price of admission will be money well spent.

Here's to an awesome, fun filled weekend!


  1. Ohh we plan to see Cars 2 next week. I hope it's better than the reviews. Either way little man will like it.

  2. Amanda - We enjoyed Cars 2 quite a bit. I would say it's much better than the reviews. It's definitely not Pixar's best, but even if it's their worst it's better than almost anything else for families. I think the reviewers were harsh because it's not as good as Wall-E or Toy Story 3. That's unfair because those movies were just so over the top good. If another studio had released this movie it would have gotten much better reviews. Mr. A was totally in to it - as I knew he would be - and I'll bet your little man loves it, too!