Monday, June 27, 2011

Regular Food Please: Meal Planning Just Got Easier

This is not my kid, but this is the reaction our dinners get many nights.
Miss E is the second pickiest eater I've ever met.  The pickiest is her father.  He generally has the good manners to at least pretend not to hate whatever he doesn't like.  The last few months have been hard on him because in an effort to make dinner prep more interesting for me, I've been experimenting with new recipes several nights a week.  I thought that was doubly good because it was exposing my picky eaters to new foods as well.  However, the spouse has declared that he's ready for less variety and more "old standby" meals for dinner.  That's a drag for me because I don't love cooking and trying something new fairly often makes dinner prep more interesting, but I do see where he's coming from.  Some of the unfamiliar recipes I've chosen have been really good, but some have been dreadful.  It would be good to know what we're getting in to more often.  I asked if the spouse had any dinner requests and he said "regular food."  That means super simple and meat & potatoes type meals.  Well, okay.  That's easy enough.  Sadly for him, there were some recipes from last week that I don't think he was jazzed about but for a variety of reasons we didn't make them.  They had rather specific ingredients that I don't want to go to waste, so they are back on this week's menu.  I tried to choose simpler, more familiar fare for the rest of the week though.  Hopefully everyone will be happy at least most nights.  (Oh and this week's meal plan is here.)

Now, I'm off to swimming lessons.  Have an awesome Monday!

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