Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Well, There Went That Channel.

I like having some background noise as I go about my day, and it's usually the television.  I'm a news junkie, so I usually tune in to Fox News.  There's actually a small block of channels I switch between that includes TLC, Animal Planet, The Food Network and HGTV.  Fox is my default channel because I can follow what they're talking about without actually stopping to watch.  I used to have TLC on all the time, until one day I walked in and saw a four year old Miss E watching a breast augmentation surgery.  After that I tried to be more aware of my background noise.  Slowly but surely I had to eliminate TLC, Animal Planet and even The History Channel unless I was really able to pay attention.  They all had shows that, while not objectionable by themselves, I didn't want the kids randomly watching.  News is usually a safe bet because the kids are less likely to stop and watch. Also, the topics change quickly so they're not marinating in something I don't want them watching anyway.  Then came the Casey Anthony trial.  I swear Fox News has carried every disgusting second of it and invited guests to screech about every lurid detail and allegation.  It's on constantly in the mornings.  I try to change channels when the trial comes up - I mean, I really don't want my kids hearing about how this pretty young woman apparently researched doing horrid things to her toddler, then carried them out and hid the body.  I understand why it's a newsworthy story, but the Fox coverage is just over the top.  They repeat and repeat the most awful parts till I can't stand to see anymore myself.  I've still caught Miss E raptly watching this sad story when I wasn't aware it was on.  I don't want her steeping herself in the worst of humanity  so I am declaring Fox News on my do not watch list unless I'm right there, aware of the conversation. 

Are there television shows (or entire channels) you're careful about in your homes?  I don't mean things like MTV or Comedy Central.  They're obviously not family friendly.  But who knew The History Channel would inspire nightmares?  (It did in Miss E.  She watched a show about WWII airplanes with me once and hand nightmares for several weeks.)  What do you avoid when your kids are around?  Is there a channel I'm overlooking that you find generally safe to just leave on a background noise?


  1. JP always had Disney in the morning. It's obviously not for me, but if I need to get some things done while he eats his breakfast, I always go to Disney or the DVR of kid shows. For background noise I usually turn to the music channels. Sometimes it's oldies, sometimes it's country, sometimes it's cafe music, but I always catch JP dancing randomly.

  2. Megan - Oh yeah, we have lots of cartoons when I'm not awake enough to deal with the kids. When I get moving I have to turn their shows off though or I get distracted and forget to make them go play. Music is always good. It's usually a safe bet.

  3. Generally PBS is safe. It's usually cartoons, which are at least educational and when they go off it's cooking segments and other things that I've never seen to have anything violent or nightmare inducing.