Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oh Boy, Oh Boy! Meal Planners are Gonna Love This!

Wow, do I have something great to share today!  Last night, a local news station ran a story last night about a meal planning web site that I knew I'd love from the second I saw it.  Food on the Table peruses your local grocery ads, you choose what you're interested eating for the week and the site generates recipe recommendations, shopping lists, everything you need for meal planning!  It even shows how much you'll save on your shopping list.  There is a community for discussions and each recipe is rated so it's easy to see if something is fabulous, or not so much.  You can print, email or send your shopping list and recipes to an iPhone.  I played around with it last night, generating several different meal plans and was fairly delighted about how easy and complete it all is.  The cherry on top is is it's cost - FREE!  (There is a version with more bells and whistles for a small subscription fee, but I don't see anything lacking in the free version.)  I strongly recommend checking out Food on the Table.  It may be my new online best friend. 

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