Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Meal Plan (and Shopping List) Complete!

Today, I learned something new about the site I was so happy to find last week, Food on the Table.  If you have a free account you can only add three entrees to your meal plan.  That was kind of a drag, but easy enough to work around.  Turns out three entrees was enough for this week, but if I'd wanted more, it would be easy enough to build a menu, email or print the recipes and shopping list then build a new menu with the additional meals and repeat with the printing/emailing.  The whole thing wouldn't be elegant or concise, but it's still free, which I always love.

Anyway, this week's Meal Plan is complete and you can see it here.  I did use Food on the Table to build my shopping list for the recipes I chose from there, and I love that it tells me I'll save $31.51 by shopping through the ad.  Of course, the ad changes tomorrow so we are grocery shopping this morning.  With three kids in tow.  Oh.  Boy.  Can you hear my excitement?  Actually, shopping with my kids could be worse.  They don't have fits, they listen when I ask them to do something and they are eager to be helpful.  The only drawback is that shopping with them takes at least twice as long.  Sometimes it just kills me when I see what could have been a 30 minute grocery run takes over an hour.  But, cest la vie.  Such is life with kids.

My back yard on Sunday: tree trimming, fire and blanket forts.
After grocery shopping, we're going to spend time in the yard.  We spent the weekend trimming trees, planing new shrubs and flowers and generally loving the warm weather.  The kids spent all day Sunday building forts and playing in a wading pool before we built a little fire for toasting marshmallows.  I'm guessing the kids will do much of the same today while I finish planting the garden.  It's shaping up to be a beautiful day!

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