Thursday, June 23, 2011

Free E-books! All the Summer Crafts You Could Ever Make

Like virtually every stay at home mom I know, I pinch pennies where I can.  I follow several blogs that focus on great sales and even free stuff.  Yesterday two of them featured links to two free e-books about summer crafts for kids.  The first is 4th of July Crafts and Recipes.  So far my favorite idea is a Stars and Stripes planter.  I'm generally a fan of painting terra-cotta pots to make them more fun (My kids painted big pots last year and they could not wait to replant them again this year.  Having their own special space really got them excited about gardening.) I think this is a super cute and inexpensive idea.  I'm considering making a few of these for my mom's birthday, which is July 4th.  It would be simple for me to spray the pots navy blue w/ a white band then let the kids paint on the stripes and use stamps or stencils to make the stars.  Yeah, I'm loving this idea more and more.

The second book is Summer Crafts for Kids.  These crafts are generally more little kid friendly than the 4th of July book but that doesn't mean they aren't all adorable.  I'm pretty sure the first one we'll make is the recycled bottle Cat Bank.  Miss M is 100% NUTS about cats. She rarely stops pretending to be a cat, her favorite toys are all cat themed and I'm sure we own every t-shirt featuring a cat she's ever seen.  This cute little kitty will no doubt join her collection very soon.

I can't guarantee you'll find something you'll love in these books, but if you don't, just delete them!  No harm, no foul.  I love free stuff.

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