Friday, July 15, 2011

Mini-Manicures for Everyone!

Simple tools I need to use more often.
There are few things that make me cringe like being somewhere - say the pediatrician's office or hair salon - looking down at my kids hands and seeing jagged, sometimes dirty little claws on their fingertips.  Even worse is when I see their toe nails would look more at home on a dragon than my beautiful children.  Gross!

For some reason I'm terrible about making sure their nails are neat.  It simply slips my mind.  Of course it doesn't help that when I do bring it up, they all have learned to say they want their dad to do their nails instead of me.  I always fall for it but then forget to follow through and make sure they go to him directly.  Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't and sometimes a day or two will pass before I remember to check their nails.  Urgh.  Time for this to end. 

Today I am inspecting sixty little digits and their nails.  I'm trimming the ones that need to be trimmed, and I might paint the ones they want painted just so everyone thinks they're having fun.  And more importantly, I vow to repeat this inspection every single Sunday for the rest of their natural lives.  Well, at least till I can trust them to do their own.  I'm even adding it to my Week at a Glance calendar.  Little things like nails are still important.  I never want to cringe over them again! 

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