Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Week, New Plans, and (non)Rewards

Monday!  Yay!  Okay, I must say it's pretty easy to cheer for a Monday when you're a stay at home mom in the summer.  Even when we have somewhere to go we rarely have to be anywhere before nine.  It's pretty hard to dread a Monday when every day is like a weekend.

Today, I'm still mulling over a schedule and reward outline for the kids regarding their academic skills.  At first I thought I'd set goals linked to rewards, but now I think they don't really need goals and rewards.  They still want to earn the new LeapPad tablet game systems and have been doing extra jobs for money.  However, we've been pretty loosey goosey about actually tracking specific jobs and dollars.  Both girls have continued to be especially helpful, knowing I'm keeping their good deeds in mind.  This lack of concrete tracking is much easier for me, of course, and it hasn't been demotivating for them.  So, for now, I think I'll keep setting aside a little time each day to work on academic skills.  I'll remind them that doing what they are asked is scoring karma points - which may be redeemed at the end of summer for something they really want.

(I may make them some calendars to track their reading minutes, but only because it pleases them to add up the time they spend reading each month.  Miss E always says it doesn't seem like that long.  Of course I have to smile at that.)

Here's to a fabulous Monday and "fabulouser" week!   Oh, and check out this week's plan.  I included a recipe from one of my favorite blogs "Half-Assed Kitchen".  If you don't love cooking, you'll want to spend some time there.  They write about tasty food made as simply as possible.   Everyone loves that!

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