Monday, July 25, 2011

Pinkalicious Princess Pioneer Parade

Yesterday was Pioneer Day here in the Beehive State (statehood day in Utah for those unversed in our dialect).  In Utah, holidays falling on Sundays are often celebrated on either the preceding Saturday or the following Monday. Our city is holding it's Pioneer Day parade today.  Yay!  Everyone loves a parade! 

Actually, I have to admit I've missed all 19 Pioneer Day parades since I've moved to my current town.  When I was a kid I loved parades, but now they just start too dang early for me!  Today, however, we will be making the effort to get to main street before 9 A.M.    Both girls will be in the parade with their Pinkalicious Dance Camp school.  Of course they are giddy at the prospect of being in front of all those people.  They both have delusions of grandeur, and view this as a step into fame.  Their excitement is pretty hilarious.  They've almost been bragging that they get to be in the parade.  Good thing they have no idea how hard it actually can be to march (or dance) an entire parade route.  I'm quite entertained by their enthusiasm.  I hope they feel the same way after the parade is over. 

I'll update my Week at a Glance page with new meals and activities tomorrow. 

Happy Monday!

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