Wednesday, July 27, 2011

An Ode to Beads

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When Miss M was two she fixated on things way too teeny for a two year old to play with.  First on her list - beads.  Wooden beads, seed beads, pony beads - she loved them all.  When she was three she found the stash of beads in the craft supplies.  I tried hiding them again but she was an excellent bead finder.  I had to stop putting them away out of fear she'd hurt herself looking for their new secret spot.  People started gifting her with beads.  Beading kits appeared for birthdays and Christmas and just because.  We are now awash in beads.  

As I cleaned out the girl's closet last week, I once again vacuumed up volumes of beads.  They have so worked their way into the fabric of our home I barely even notice when one (or ten) rattles through the vacuum.  I am inspired to write an Ode to Beads.


Beads are round and smooth
They are sometimes angled
An artist's pallet of colors
Running through fingers
Bouncing crazily on wooden floors
Scattering through the house.  
Tiny little seed beads wedged under base boards
Bigger beads threaded over plant leaves
Expensive beads and cheap beads
I'll die a happy person if
I never see another 

Today's plan is to organize the craft supplies - beads included.  I have about six medium size boxes full of crafty stuff, and I'm sure if I try I can pare it down to five.  This is a good project for all three kids to help with because even a three year old can put markers with markers.  At the very least we'll have  a lot of fun sorting through it all and I look forward to making a craft when half our time isn't spent digging out supplies. 

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  1. I wrote an ode to Burger King once. Yours is much better.