Thursday, July 21, 2011

Murphy's Law for Moms

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Murphy's Law for Moms lists are nothing new.  They always contain truth, but what surprises me is that they are not more common than they are.  There is nothing like living with newish people, famous for their unpredictability, to bring Murphy into your world.

Last night Mr. A dropped a whole cup of yogurt on my newly cleaned floor - and then walked through it - and I was inspired to write my own.  Like all good Murphy's, each of these has actually happened to me. 

  1. The longer you work clean a floor the faster someone will spill something sticky, slippery and stinky.
  2. As soon as you buy the expensive boots for school because she wore the same pair from fall to spring last year so it's okay to splurge,  her feet will grow two sizes that same month.
  3. The harder you work preparing a new recipe, the fewer of your children will eat it
  4. When you take apart and wash the car seats, at least one child will throw up during their next trip in the car.  
  5. A scary fever only develops at 7 PM on a Friday night. 
  6. The more you need a night out to save your sanity, the fewer sitters are available with in the month.  
  7. The more you spend on their bedding, the faster they will color on it with permanent ink.
  8. The more disgusting the cat puke, the more likely your youngest child will be the one to find it - with his feet.  
  9. The more expensive the toy, the more appealing the box.
  10. Just when you think you're on time, someone will remember they forgot to tell you practice started an hour earlier this week.  
I'm sure that if you're a mom, you have some Murphy's of your own.  I'd love to read them in the comments!!!


  1. I love this, it made me laugh! Many of those have happened to me already. Aww...the crazy and WONDERFUL life of being a mother. :) Love the blog

  2. Glad I made you laugh Hollie! Yes, this is a crazy, WONDERFUL life, isn't it? You're just getting started, too. Here's to the good times ahead!