Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why Don't Mom's Stop?

So, how 'bout yesterday's guest post?  Kinda funny, I thought.  And sweet.  My poor spouse is a small businessman who often spends every waking hour on his business.  When he is able to just chill, he wants me to chill with him.  Sometimes I don't realize that's the case and am doing my own thing.  Other nights he specifically tells me it's time to hang out with him but I'm tragically good at finding that "one more thing" I either forgot or just didn't get to during the day that suddenly seems really important.  He feels neglected.  Occasionally, I really do have something very important I need to do, like wrapping the last few gifts for the next day's birthday.  Last night Mr. miniginny (calling him that totally cracks me up) asked what he could do so I could hang out with him.  I jokingly answered that he could write my blog.  I seriously laughed when, after I put the kids to bed, he asked how to sign in and start blogging.  That was such a limb for him to go out on, he obviously wanted my company quite a bit.  It made me think about why I don't just sit and relax more often.

A lot of moms say they feel like their work never ends.  Why is that?  Do the jobs add up because taking care of a house full of people too small to truly clean up after themselves is such a huge task?  Can you chalk it up to the fluid situation that is parenting?  I know sometimes I don't get anything done all day because all three kids are having a rough day and need some real attention.  Or if we start having fun, sometimes we just don't stop and then I have to play catch up around the house.  Is it because moms aren't very good at saying "no", even at some expense to themselves?  I know this blog is something I do simply because I choose it.  I like the creative outlet and the discipline of writing regularly.  It also helped organize my life in a tremendous way.  But, I have added it to a To Do list that wasn't exactly short.  The time I spend writing could be spent on the other 7,000 To Do's.  Should I just say no to blogging?

Personally, I think a mom's multiplying job problem is way to complex to deconstruct in one little post.  Every time I improve something I find at least three more areas still lacking.  Oh, Fly Lady is right, you don't have to clean like your mother if you have good routines.  (I know my mom cleaned from sun up to sun down most days, but then again we lived on a farm and she had two more kids than I do so...)  I am getting better and better at my routines, but I have yet to run out of work.  Honestly, I doubt I ever will.  This job is like plate spinning - if you dare ignore one thing you're gluing it back together before you know it. Sometimes it seems like all you do is run from one thing to the next.  However, when you really have all your plates spinning, it's a pretty awesome show.  I think we all ought to stop and enjoy that show as often as possible!

Just in case the phrase "plate spinning" dates me and you have no clue what it is, here's a funny video of a guy spinning plates.  I loved variety shows that featured plate spinners when I was a kid.  My kids don't even know what a variety show is.


  1. You always have great insight into things. I love this post. So great that Mr. MinniGinny tells you that he wants to spend time with you. Take advantage of that.

  2. Oh, and "Mr. MinniGinny" had me giggling!

  3. Love it.. And the plate spinning too! I also loved variety shows as a kid!

  4. @Michelle - I know! It makes me feel loved when he says it time to just hang out. :D And yeah, I think he should be Mr. miniginny from now on.

    @Kathy - Yeah, I really miss variety shows. Those old comedians were the best.