Tuesday, April 19, 2011

BANG!!! ....fizzle...

Oh boy, did I start today on the right foot!  I woke up on time, had no problem prying myself away from facebook to get Miss E ready for school, even wound up skipping that third cup of coffee because I just didn't feel like sitting down to enjoy it.  I got a really great start on my morning basics and my daily chore.  Then I had to stop and put out a fire.  Miss M just would not be happy about getting ready for tumbling.  Every piece of clothing I suggested was wrong, for one reason or another, and I wouldn't allow the nicer school dress she really wanted.  By the time we got that worked out and out the door to tumbling, I was exhausted.  Forty five minutes later, it was all I could do to stir up some mac-n-cheese for lunch.  I really wanted to sit down and have that third coffee, but Miss E's school called.  Her allergies had kicked in and were kicking her butt.  So, off to school I went to bring her home early.  Finally, we're home and I'm giving myself a few minutes to veg and recharge.  Phew...  In ten minutes I'm coming back to write the post I had intended today about my love/hate relationship with my timer.

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