Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yeah! Frozen Waffles!

Yesterday, I asked Ms. E to write our shopping list so we could grocery shop today.  As I dictated it to her, she asked if the eggs were for dying.  She asked if we could get carrots for the Easter Bunny.  Otherwise, she wasn't very interested in our grocery needs.  But when I said "frozen waffles" she yelled "Yeah!  I LOVE frozen waffles!"  And ran to tell Miss M we were buying frozen waffles.  I had to laugh because it's not as if frozen waffles are rare around here.  We just happen to be out of them at the moment, which really is rare.  I guess they've really missed their waffles.

So, we are planning to grocery shop today.  We're also planning to get our guest room ready for my mom, who will be visiting for Easter.  The kids LOVE helping to get ready for guests. They help with dusting and putting fresh sheets on the bed.  Of course they really just like the novelty of being in our little guest apartment because they aren't allowed out there by themselves but hey, if I get help in the bed making department, who am I to question their motives? And after that, we're going to keep plugging away at the house work and yard work that just always needs doing and finding fun things to fit in between. 

Oh, and I had so much fun with yesterday question about sunscreen (which
mostly got answered over on my personal facebook page - Neutrogena was the most recommended  product but Mary Kay and Avon also got kudos) that I want to ask another!  What do you all do with your Easter Eggs once they're dyed?  I plan to let each kid dye a dozen of their own eggs because any less just doesn't seem like enough.  The down side is then I'll have three dozen hard boiled eggs laying around.  We'll eat a few and make some into potato salad.  We'll possibly roll a few if we're ambitious enough to find a suitable a hill, but otherwise we're going to have a lot of colorful dog treats.  I'd love it if you'd share (in the comments please - it's more fun for any readers who aren't my faceboook friend) what you do with your Easter eggs. 


  1. I usually eat them, use them as salad topping, and make deviled eggs out of a few. You could also do egg salad.

  2. Amanda - Would you share your deviled recipe? I have the pickiest family ever and they don't like my variety.