Wednesday, April 20, 2011

*** Spring Break!*** Get Yer Party On!

Ha Ha!  The title is a joke.  Today is the first day of Miss E's spring break, but we're hardly getting our party on.  We're actually planning to get some cleaning on!  We have yard work to do, and house work, and even a little homework.  It shouldn't be too hard to motivate the kids to help though.  Miss E informed me that we need to clean our yard up so it's nice for the Easter Bunny.  "Who would want to hide Easter eggs in a junky yard anyway?" was her justification.  So, I think we'll start in the yard today! 

That brings me to a question about sunscreen.  When I was a kid we never even thought of sunscreen unless we were going swimming or camping.  Lots of parents today don't even let their kids leave the house with out a full complement of SPF products.  I don't want to completely block every solar ray from my children's skin, but we do spend a lot of time outside and fair skinned Miss M has already turned brighter red than I like.  I'm looking for a product I can use every day that doesn't smell or feel like typical sunscreen.  I've considered the face lotion I use because it comes with a 15 SPF, smells and feels nice and comes in a pretty bottle.  (Pretty bottles are very important to five year olds you know.)  But, it's kinda pricey and I'd like a bit higher SPF.  If there's a good alternative out there, I want it.  Any suggestions?


  1. You aren't asking for much! I use the spray stuff because I can apply it quickly and it usually covers well. I'm with you though - if I could have something that doesn't smell and feel like regular sunscreen, I would take it.

    Let us know how the lotion works out if you use it.

  2. Michelle - Laci wasn't able to comment here for some reason, so she commented on my facebook page. She says Neutrogena makes an awesome lotion that is light and has a nice smell. She makes Sam wear it every day because he has already had some issues w/ melanoma. Check out the convo if you're interested.

  3. Oh, and the Avon sunscreen/insect repellent was also recommended there.