Friday, April 29, 2011

Right Now

I follow a fantastic photography blog.  I'm a very casual photographer (read: too lazy to really learn to use all the fancy features even my point and shoot has) but I love getting a snapshot of all the little cute moments in my life.  So, when this blog issued a challenge with a contest this morning, I had to participate.  The challenge was to pick up your camera and document what was happening Right Now.  I love it!  

My Right Now was Mr. A, enjoying his first ever chocolate bunny.  The bunny was delicious I'm sure, and combined with Jake and the Neverland Pirates, he was completely oblivious of me and my camera.  

Right Now: Chocolate Bunny, Disney Jr, Mom's annoying camera


  1. love this photo..found you through a FB post

  2. Thank you, thank you All!

    Tara - I love the things Kelly Willette does. I'm so glad you led me to her!

    Mommy of Five - Glad you found me! :D

  3. He looks so adorable the way he's holding and gobbling up the bunny! :)