Monday, April 18, 2011

It's a Gold Star Day! (A Mental Plan Still Helps Me Focus)

One big reason I started this blog was to give myself some structure and keep my real priorities in sight.  It's been helpful in many ways.  Even on the days I don't take the time to blog, I do try to make a mental plan.  Last night I was thinking over my day and what needed to happen today.  By this morning, I had a good idea of how I should to spend my time. I got the girls off to their schools, came home and worked out just as I'd planned.  Then I wanted to hang out with Mr. A when it was just the two of us.  I've been trying to do more small motor skill activities with him because I don't know what's normal for active little boys his age, but I know he's behind where his sisters were.  He isn't interested in coloring, writing or painting at all.  Instead, we've been doing a lot of puzzles, sorting lots of shapes and playing Legos.  All of which have been illuminating.  What he wants to do, he does well.  The other stuff, not so much.  I've also been teaching him how to dress and undress himself (potty training has gone nowhere so I decided to help him be independent in other ways first).  I noticed that he has a hard time understanding about gripping his clothes to pull them on or off.   He doesn't hold on tightly enough so the clothes just slip through his hands.  He laughs and laughs at me when I try to help.  Today, I decided to break out the Play Doh and use it to strengthen his hands.  The poor kid usually has to compete for the doh with his sisters and actually gets very little chance to really handle it.  He did take a while to adjust to the idea that he could do whatever he wanted.  We practiced breaking it into pieces, squeezing it between fingers, rolling it in our hands and squashing shapes on the table.  He got really good at squashing it, and I thought that was decent progress.  We had about 30 minutes to play, and that was plenty of time.  He was ready to move on to something else.  I was pleased with myself.  I spent the morning exactly the way I'd planned.  Now I need to get moving on my afternoon.  I still have my Morning Basics and Daily Chore waiting and Miss M is also eagerly waiting for me to play school with her.  I'm glad I had a plan to help me focus.  I think I'm having a really great day!

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