Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sharing is Good!

Good morning!  Happy Saturday!  Today I want to share a cute blog that has been very useful for me this spring.  It's called Oopsey Daisy! and she (Alison) has lots of fun craft ideas to share.  My favorite thing is a feature called Mommy School.  Alison creates darling preschool learning packets around a theme and then offers them FOR FREE!!!  I can't tell you how many preschool materials I bought for Miss E but it was a disgusting amount for one little girl.  However, after using them all twice with the girls, I'm not enthusiastic about breaking them out for Mr. A.  I'm also reticent to spend more money on them because I went so crazy before.  Mommy School packets are definitely something I would have paid for in the past so to have them free is completely awesome. I downloaded an Easter pack this week, and although Mr. A refuses to hold any kind of writing instrument for more than two seconds so even scribbling is out of the question, he likes to look at the pictures with me and we talk about every little thing.  Miss M also has fun with them even though she's more or less moved on from letter pages and such.  If you have preschoolers, I highly recommend you check out Mommy School on Oopsey Daisy!

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