Thursday, April 28, 2011

Play Ball!

Finally!  After too many days of up and down, mostly down weather, we're expecting some warm sunshine today!  And, since it's going to rain tomorrow we're definitely going out to play today.  Yesterday, Miss M spent the whole afternoon outside and I forgot her sunscreen so her little cheeks are just red.  I spent the day inside cleaning and what not, so I missed out.  I'm not going to let that happen again.  I think we'll take our rather huge collection of assorted balls outside and see what happens.  We did that last fall and had a ball (HA!  Pun intended, of course.  He, he, he...)  Miss M could still use a little help in the catching and throwing department.  I can tell she loves to play ball games, but isn't very confidant because she doesn't have tons of experience.  Mr. A is also becoming more interested in doing more than just throwing the balls around so it will be fun for him to try some games, too.   Since I never outgrew silly bouncing ball games, this looks to be a super fun day for me, too!

In addition to that we have tumbling and soccer practice and all my usual things to do so...  I'm outta here!  Here's to a fabulous Thursday!

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