Friday, April 15, 2011

Turkeys and Flowers - A Real Plan for Friday?

Ok, I spent my blogging time early this morning writing about the strange dreams I had Wednesday night.  Then I ran Miss M to preschool and Mr. A and I shopped on behalf the Easter Bunny.  Now I'm back to write today's plan.  I thought we'd come home and play in the sandbox because Mr. A had such a hard time at the store - looking at all those fun Easter toys and me not letting him play with them.  I eventually gave in and found a little dump truck he could have today.  Now that we're home though, he's being a total turkey.  He threw his new truck and he's whining and grouchy so I'm going to fix him a little snack and take it from there.  Ah...  Thank goodness for flexibility.

Playing at Grandma's, where there is no internet, no cable TV and the kids are happy as clams.
This afternoon, I'm going to make sure to spend some extra time playing outside with the kids.  One of the personal faults I'm trying hard to improve upon is the example I'm setting regarding enjoying being out and about just moving.  I spend A LOT of time playing on the computer or watching the news as I fold laundry or whatever.  I've seen my kids gravitating to computer games more and more and I'd like to nip it in the bud before it's a real problem.  I don't need to read the volumes of research to know we all feel better if we unplug for a while.  If we're able to get outside it's even better.  I've been working on spending even a little less free time with screens, but man, it's hard!  I've made such a habit of it...  I have been doing better to just turn on some music while I do my chores.  We've all  been looking forward to nicer weather so we could just go hang outside.  We have a few early perennials in bloom and I'm trying to think of some simple little activity we could do with them.  Right now I'm thinking I'll just hand the girls some cameras and see what they come up with.  That's always as fun activity, especially when I follow through and print their pictures for them.  A print is so nice to hold in your hand, and they're always so proud to see their own photos concretely.  Whatever we end up doing though, I'm determined that it won't involve a screen!

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