Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Love Homework!

When I was a teacher, I sent homework twice a week.  It was always review work and I mainly sent it so parents could see what we were working on in class.  Oh, I'd occasionally send something like a big project or report or just something fun, but mostly it was the dreaded worksheet.  I didn't like it then but I wasn't creative (ambitious?) enough to come up with something better.  This year, Miss E has a Gifted and Talented certified teacher and I LOVE the homework she sends!  We still get a worksheet or two every week, but we also get three or four fun activities that help extend their learning.  Monday's homework had them looking for specific shapes they could eat.  That is surprisingly hard when it comes to cones and pyramids.  Tuesdays homework asks them to create a presentation about animals.  Miss E brought home a two page list of really fun ideas, and only one was to write a report.  Writing an animal report would have been my whole requirement, but not this teacher.  She's really engaging the kids, and I love it!

That brings me to our fun plans today.  We have a HUGE To Do list, so I'm looking to kill two birds where I can.  Miss E wants to teach our dogs some new tricks for her presentation.  She tried working with them yesterday with a friend, but the dogs were so wound up they had no idea she was trying to do more than play fetch.  We have Border Collies and although ours are extremely mellow for Borders, they don't get enough exercise or play so if they think you're playing with them they almost vibrate with excitement.  We have to really wear them out before they'll calm down enough to listen to the kids.  Miss M and I will try to wear them out with some fetch and possibly a long walk.  With any luck they'll be ready to for a few tricks by the time Miss E gets home.  Miss E gets help with her homework, I'll get to spend some fun time with each of the girls, and the dogs, too!  It will be a win/win/win!

Miss E, playing soccer with our dog Ginny and one of her brothers.
Oh, and I didn't forget Mr. A.  That little turkey spent his play time yesterday throwing his toys ALL over the play room.  This morning, while Miss M is at preschool, he and I are going to put it all away.  He's a good little helper, and he thinks it's great fun if I turn on a little music.

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