Friday, October 1, 2010

Bicycle Party?

We have a whole gaggle of cute girls on our street, all close enough to Miss E in age that they're all friends.  The parents take turns walking them all to the bus stop in the mornings so the whole flock usually arrives our door step to collect Miss E.  One of them asked if Miss E could ride bikes after school, which fits perfectly with today's FUN plan!  Today we'll get out the bikes and the neighbor kids and ROLL with it!  (Get it - roll with it - on bikes!)  Miss M absolutely loves it when she's included with the bigger kids so I'll make sure we're already outside riding when they get home.  That will help her feel like she's the leader, and even if they ride around in the street, where she's not allowed to go, she'll still be doing the same activity.  Mr. A will love seeing all the bikes zoom up and down the street, and I'm certain that one of these days he'll figure out what to to with those pedals on his own trike.  I'm planning to enjoy my day, are you?

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