Thursday, October 28, 2010

What a puzzeling day.

Potty training is underway with Mr. A, and it's been and up and down experience.  On one hand it's been great because he's so willing to try and is so close to really understanding. But then there's the down side...  With my girls I bought them a bunch of little toy "potty prizes", and they got one every  time they went potty as encouragement.   It was a pretty easy process and there was very little drama.  Mr. A is obsessed with his bucket of prizes.  He stands in the bathroom moaning for a prize and is so sad when he can't have them he has resorted to walking around whining "prize".  The bright side of this is I am more determined than ever to stick with training and move him past this stage as quickly as possible.  He's very close so it's full steam ahead.  This will keep us close to home, but hopefully it's only a few days.  And it's compatible with our FUN plans, since we were going to play with puzzles again today.  That's a nice, indoor activity so he can run around in his undies and we'll close to a potty all day.  Also, since Halloween is just three days away, I guess we'd better carve some pumpkins.  We meant to do that yesterday, but didn't get that far with our plans.  Today is a new day though, and it's another chance to do the things we want to do.  Here's to sticking to our plans!


  1. good luck with the potty training, from what i have heard boys are a bit trickier, but i wouldn't know myself, as i have only had girls to train (i may be a bit biased)

  2. Thanks Kim! So far it's not awful, especially since I hid the bucket full of prizes!