Saturday, October 16, 2010

A link too good not to share.

This link came in a newsletter from Family Fun last week, but I just got around to reading it today.  It seems everyone is grateful for tips and tricks for keeping their families more organized so this list of ten simple ideas is something most mom's will want to read.  A few of the ideas for weren't right for us for one reason or another, but I did get four great ideas so I thought I'd pass the whole thing along.  My favorite was using priority mailing boxes to store kids' art.  I currently use expandable file folders for their papers right now, but some art projects just don't fit so I have big boxes for them in the basement. The boxes I'm using don't stack, and they are also not always the right size so lots of stuff still ends up folded or worse.  I'm thinking that instead of the mailing boxes I'll get those under-bed boxes for each of the kids and then I won't have a problem fitting the larger items. 

One last tip - I label each paper with the artists name and date created before I put it in the boxes.  Because I just stack the new art on top of the old, it's kind of like looking back through time when we look through the boxes.  The girls love looking at what they created years ago and I love being able to say "look what you did when you were two!" 

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