Monday, October 18, 2010

We're breaking out the blocks!

When Miss E was a baby I bought a big bag of MegaBloks and we spent many happy hours building castles and towers taller than she was.  Miss M always likes building short castles with huge yards surrounded by the colorful blocks.  Mr. A doesn't really like building anything, he just lines the blocks up and ocassionally stacks a few.  We also have two really great sets of wooden blocks but they are so heavy the kids can't get them off their shelf alone, so they don't get played with as much as the kids would like.  We're going to get out all these blocks for our FUN time today.  I'm sure we'll build roads and castles and fences galore.  (If you're interested in this sort of thing, here's a good article about the developmental benefits of block play.)

In case you missed yesterday's post, I've made all our FUN plans for the week around toys we don't play with all the time.  We have a terrifying amount of toys so I'm trying to gauge interest by deliberately getting them out to play with.  If the kids just don't like something any more, I'm hoping it will be easier to get them to put it in the donation box.  Currently, any suggestion of passing a toy along elicits tears and cries of "I love that!" even if they haven't played with it for years.  And, even if I can't get them to willingly give something up, at least I'll know what they won't miss when it "mysteriously disappears" while they aren't looking. 

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