Thursday, October 21, 2010

We Have a Hankering for Puzzles!

Today's scheduled FUN time involves one of our favorite things - puzzles!  The girls and I really love puzzles but since Mr. A became mobile we haven't played with them as much as we'd like because they can't be on the floor.  It's surprisingly less fun doing puzzles on the table where everyone has to jockey for space or pieces.  It's been a while since we've had them around Mr. A, and I'm hoping he'll be better about not eating or bending or throwing the pieces.  Miss E is home from school today, so it will be fun to have her part of our FUN plans!

Bonus: Fly Lady's facebook status got me revved up this morning.  She's doing something I sometimes try on days when I just can't get moving but I really have to get things done.  She's having a 15 minute day, where she'll get up and do something new every 15 minutes.  I don't think that would work for me- too much transition and I'd never complete anything.  I do like to give myself 10 or 15 minute challenges.  I will think "Can I get that huge stack of dishes taken care of in 10 minutes or less?"  Then I get busy and feel all self-congratulatory when I beat a challenge.  I also don't feel like I've been slaving all day because I'm only working in short spurts.  I think I'm going to try that today and see if I can completely knock off a To Do list.  It's been a while since I've totally finished one and it would feel good to do it today. 

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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