Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Who doesn't love board games?

Growing up, I was the baby of the family by many years.  I always LOVED board games but no one wanted to play with me because they hated the games that were right for my age.  I vowed that I'd play endless board games with my own kids.  Somehow, that hasn't really happened.  We have shelves full of the things, and they are pretty dusty.  But, today is their day!  We're gonna knock ourselves out with board game FUN!  We have a shape matching version of Candy Land that Mr A. likes, so maybe we can corral him for at least one game before he heads back to his Hot Wheels.  Miss M likes to play a phonics game we have because it comes with little rubber dogs that she isn't allowed to touch unless we're playing the actual game.  She's fascinated by these little dogs so I'm sure that will be her choice. Miss E likes the dreadful Harry Pottter and the Sorcerer's Stone game, so I'm fairly certain we'll spend time with that one, too.  (Honestly, with such great source material, why, oh why did they develop such a boring game for that book???)  Or, maybe they'll all choose totally different games.  Who knows?  It ought to be a FUN afternoon, no matter what.

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