Monday, October 4, 2010

It's a big day for Mr. A!

Today, Mr. A will receive his first real hair cut.  Oh, he's had a trim here and there but I've never had the heart to go whole hog and actually take him to a salon.  He's my last baby, and I am in love with his shaggy baby hair, but really, it's time.  I know it will make him look more grown up.  That makes me sad.  I'm hoping that by waiting so long I haven't chosen a really terrible time to actually set him in the chair and he'll be a beast.  That makes me nervous.  The fabulous lady who cuts my hair doesn't usually do children but she does mine because I ask her to, and she's awesome.  She'll be fantastic with Mr. A, no matter how squirmy or whiny he is though, so I guess I should relax.  So, here he is, pre-haircut.  I'm sure I'll post again, post hair cut.

And, that opens the door to perfect FUN time today!  Since Mr. A will have a fresh 'do to show off, and the Fall leaves are in their prime, I think we'll all head for the hills and take some autumn pictures!  My mom is visiting, so she can help me wrangle kids, which will be very nice.  Trying to manage all three and still getting a decent picture here and there is just unrealistic but I always seem to want to do these things while Spouse is working.  With any luck I'll have a whole pack of fun new photos to show off by the end of the day.  Oh, and of course we'll be having little conversations about fall leaves and how nature is changing right now and all that jazz.  Oh, and we'll be collecting leaves for a future crafty FUN time.  Hooray for planning ahead! 

Happy Monday!

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