Friday, October 1, 2010

Photo Update: How to Make Kids Happy

Our FUN was sidetracked today by the opportunity to visit a new job site where Spouse (a General Contractor) was doing some work on the mini-excavator.  All the kids love riding in the mini-ex, but Miss E was still at school so she missed out.  (Don't worry, she was growing crystals which is much cooler than a tractor ride if you're seven.)  Mr. A, of course, was totally in heaven.  He just loves the rumble and action of any tractor.  Miss M also had fun, but what she really loves is her new Pillow Pet.  I let the girls take their money to the store once a month or so and they buy what they'd like.  She's been talking about the unicorn Pillow Pet for a while now, so she was thrilled to actually bring it home.  She named it Softy and immediately dressed it up.  So, that's what we really did for fun today.  What did you do?


  1. So I'm a little behind in reading your posts. I love the pillow pet and how she dressed it up. Very cute!

  2. I'm a little behind reading my comments... :) You can always tell when Miss M really loves something because she dresses it up.