Friday, October 29, 2010

Who doesn't love a Friday?

Ah, the end of the week.  I do love Fridays.  Today our FUN plans include playing in the sandbox and finishing up our pumpkin carving.  We carved two pumpkins yesterday but Miss E created quite an elaborate design and didn't have time to finish it last night.  Actually, she didn't have the attention span to finish.  Funny how that can happen even with the best of activities.  We're also getting ready to have friends over for trick or treating tomorrow night. (Yes, I know tomorrow is not Halloween.  It's tradition in our community to celebrate on a Saturday if it falls on Sunday.  It's a religious thing...)  So, we're off to carve roads in the dirt and faces in the pumpkins!  Have a great weekend and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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A pretty good start!

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