Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Fun in the Sun!

Yesterday's play date at the park was moved indoors (to the library) due to dusty winds.  That's all fine and good because we have been needing a trip to the library anyway, but I'm really trying to focus on taking advantage of every warm, sunny days we have before the snow flies.  Here in the high desert that could honestly be any day now.   It seems like I'm constantly thinking of Frederick the mouse, and his ability to save the warmth and color of summer to sustain his family through the winter.  Today's fun plans will revolve around anything we can do outdoors.  I have some yard work to do, and I plan to go running with A while M is at school.  It's amazing how much easier a single stroller is to run with versus a double and I'm going to take advantage of that!  This afternoon we'll head outside to swing and pick flowers and play ball games and whatever strikes our fancy.

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