Thursday, September 2, 2010

Couch potato kids, fit mom?

Yesterday, a friend sent me an email giving me a hard time for scheduling the kids TV/computer time while I'm working out. She thought it was funny that I was getting exercise while encouraging them to be couch potatoes. I knew someone would eventually pick up on that. I think my reasoning is pretty reasonable though. Part of what was getting me down and keeping me in my rut was the fact that I didn't look forward to anything. I really enjoy working out. Working out is “me” time that I don't feel too selfish about, because I'm a firm believer that part of being a good parent is teaching your kids to be healthy. I was making sure they spent time out playing actively, but I wasn't always a good example of my own fitness, which is sad because example is the best way to teach anything. Plus, my spouse always like it when I am in an exercise groove. Wink, wink. My lackadaisical attitude allowed my work out time to slip away more days than not. That's not okay. However, I also need to know where my kids are and that they aren't out climbing our somewhat dangerous rock wall while I'm not watching or can't hear them cry over the sound of my treadmill. If they are parked in front of the TV watching A's favorite John Deere movie

or playing on Zoodles, I know they aren't falling down the stairs or getting their heads caught in a railing. They get to veg and I get to focus on working out. It gives us all something to look forward to, and frankly, they wake up and watch TV anyway, so it's really the perfect time for me to fit in a good workout. Sometimes the girls do poke their heads in, and if I'm working out with the Wii, they'll often join me. M even likes doing yoga with me. It's not like I'm totally shutting them out, they do see what I'm doing, and know that I enjoy it. But I know they're safe and generally occupied. Win/win!

For today's fun time, we're meeting up with friends at a playground. I love friends and playgrounds. They can make the whole day better.

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