Thursday, September 16, 2010

Who doesn't love a kite?

One of the mixed blessings of living where we do is the wind.  Of course having almost constant wind is almost unbearable sometimes, but we never have to wait for a windy day to fly kites.  It's ALWAYS a windy day!  (Watch - now that I've said that, today will be as still and calm as glass.)  Like most kids, mine love flying kites so they'll be happy when I break out some new ones to help us enjoy our day.  I'm going to take M out by herself while A is napping and E is at school and try to teach her at least the basics of kite flying.  Poor thing always has has well intentioned but bossy big sister doing all the flying for her and never gets the chance to even hold her own kite.  I think she'll really like not having anyone out there trying to take over, and I know she'll feel awesome about learning to fly one by herself. Then, when E is home and A is awake we can go back out and they can all enjoy the kites together.

Activity: fly kites
               specifically, teach M to fly her own

Materials: 3 kites + string
                 camera to capture all the fun

Time: at least 30 min. X 2

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